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101+ Complete Complete Greetings for Happy New Year 2020

This article contains Pantun and New Year Greetings 2020 for Boyfriends, friends, family, English New Year Aphorisms and the most complete New Year Greetings Pictures for you.

The New Year Greetings - 2019 will soon be over, we will enter 2020, a new year where there are certainly many mysteries, new spaces and hopes, memories that will be created, experiences gained, and maybe even the most amazing years of our lives .


That is why, Senipedia will summarize some of the 2020 New Year Greetings for you, which can be used as special greetings for family, friends, girlfriends, coworkers and others. Can also be used as a Facebook status, Story Instagram and WhatsApp you.

We all realize that with the end of 2019, all forms of planning and design in 2018, whether achieved or not, must be improved and refined for the future. For example, those who planned Graduation but failed, try to realize this 2020. Amen

This collection of Happy New Year poems for Girlfriends, Family and Friends, I actually started writing on August 6, but it was just published on August 10 yesterday, this is because the manufacturing process takes a long time, because in this article, there are a lot of Pantun Collections New Year's Eve greetings , I specifically for the readers

A collection of greetings for the New Year 2020

Okay, then there's no need to linger anymore, just check out the review below about the complete New Year's Greetings , which I have mostly created myself, as well as sourced from other references:

New Year Greetings for Boyfriends

The Merbabu volcano, the
Eruption at dusk,
New year on the door,
Let's welcome with joy.

Bicycle tire stuck nails,
Walking his legs stiff,
2019 has passed,
but not my love for you.

There are tahilalat sticking to the lips,
Monyong lips chubby on the cheeks,
2020 coming soon,
Let's make a holy promise.

Tie the shoelaces, the
orange laces,
Happy new year,
May your love always be maintained.

Go to the forest to look for wood,
Wood cut in stone,
Let's welcome the new year, With new
desires and hopes.

White dove,
Brought shopping to the market,
I want this year,
our love is getting bigger.

Red chili tastes spicy,
Eaten with quail eggs,
I'm sorry in 2019,
Trust me to take care of you in 2020.

The black cauldron's bottom is charred,
After cooking the grilled fish,
2020 has been welcomed,
Your love is more memorable.

Go to a light bulb stall,
install lights near the door,
welcome to a new leaf, I
hope you stay with me.

Orchid flowers are blue,
pink the cempaka flower, New
years may be,
but still with the old people.

Wiping hands with cotton cloth,
Majun sewn into clothes,
Glitter of the New Year's Eve,
when I'm beside you.

Crowded the road a lot of dust,
Flying crept into the living room,
Congratulations to open a new ark,
May our love become more integrated.

After nine there are ten,
Starting with number one,
Happy New Year 2020,
Don't stop loving me.

Jaka Tarub with seven angels,
Let go of six marriages one,
The more years change, the
more I'm sure you're my woman.

Open the cage, release the cows,
Eat grass under the sun,
2019 only until here,
My love for you to death.

To the lifted hill on a bicycle, the
bike is herded when climbing, the
warm chocolate accompany us, when the
trumpet enlivens tonight.

Go sailing to the island of a thousand,
Bathing the sea while hunting,
Happy New Year my beloved,
Stay by my side.

In the middle of the day eating bread,
Empty bread with no contents, The
year must change
Your self must always be in the heart.

Pull the beans to the roots,
After lunch, the
year must have swapped,
You still have a heart.

The Indian Ocean water is blue,
Passed by a ferry,
Love intertwined that night,
When the year began to change.

New Year Greetings for Friends

Monkey boy climbs coconut,

Coconut is climbed while whistling, Year is closed year is opened, May we always gather.

To the market to buy batik,
Arriving at the rainy market,
Last year was good,
Must be better next year.

The sky is blue,
South poles are lots of ice,
happy new year, good
luck always.

Waiting for the rain without shade,
school children bathed in fun rain,
Happy new year 2020,
Hope you can always be happy,

The wind blows on a gray night,
Wear a blanket with a heart on it,
Long years may pass, Our
friendship will last.

Girls learn to weave,
Weaving is made with ribbon,
Come the night of the New Year,
We promise to always be together.

Low flying the goose,
The one flying high eagle, his name,
Happy taking off a long year,
Make a friend far away.

Go to the mountains to hunt,
Little deer,
Forget the pain of last year,
Don't let go of our memories.

Go to the stall to buy rambutan,
Rambutan held in the right hand, a
spark of hope I say, for
you friends on the night of the turn.

Grilled fish in the embers,
Fish grilled at night,
We enjoy fireworks,
A sign of the year has changed.

Clean bathing with soap, the
soap is bought at a stall,
Year can change year,
our friendship continues.

The chicken walks with a speaker, the
lights turn off the candles,
even though tomorrow changes the calendar, the
neat story remains intertwined.

Jasmine roses,
Fragrant fragrance by the door,
O you are a true friend,
Happy to welcome the new year.

Indonesian flag red and white,
August 17 independence day,
2020 on the verge of the eye,
Hopefully everything is achieved.

Bathing in the river meets beavers,
Swimming to the nest with her cubs,
Old stories are remembered,
New stories are arranged as well.

Tunable the rooster's rooster,
Rooster crowing in the morning,
I congratulate you friend,
On New Year's Eve uni.

Go to the river while walking,
After rain the water is cloudy,
I offer a glass of coffee,
on a long night before dawn.

Strong winds of the roof collapsed,
After the fade repair again,
Hopefully friendships stronger,
In the coming year tomorrow morning.

Selling herbs at the curb,
Buy herbs , wash dishes,
Hear friends, listen to friends,
A new year is dawning.

Ngebuburit to the discussion,
Meeting old friends,
Happy new year to you friend,
Hope you are always happy.

Congratulations New Year 2020

The breeze went with the cool night, we spent together in the yard, joined by the arrival of disappointment this year, arranging another arrangement together, to respect the new year tomorrow. Upbeat New Year 2020. "


"Try not to lament the disappointment of a day ago, make it persuasive and venturing stone, to walk stunningly better, in this new year, ideally meet with the achievement that has been longed for up until this point. Upbeat New Years 2020. "


"Life will never be light, so don't make it put on weight, experience everything with assurance, trust and certainty that Allah SWT's Plan is in every case better. Appreciate the past with an incredible arrangement for this new year. "


"365 days we have spent for the current year, there will be some sweet, unpleasant recollections, triumphs and disappointments that have been figured it out. With that in mind, proceed with the positive pattern and discharge the negative pattern to move up another leaf in 2020. Upbeat New Year to all. "


"In the most recent seconds of this current year, I spilled out a touch of my expectations on you, companion. Deal with our kinship, despite the fact that the night spends, the day leaves trust, until the years change time. Welcome to meet 2020. May our fellowship keep going forever. "


"On the eve of the turn of the year, regardless we passed it together, much the same as the earlier year. Subsequently, my extraordinary expectation is that, my longing to meet a minute like this again toward the finish of the next year. "


"Days, months and years continue transforming, it doesn't feel so quick over the long haul. Ideally in this new leaf, you and I proceed through it with profound love and warmth. "


"A year ago made an exercise, the new year made the accomplishment of dreams, with another arrangement of expectations and targets, which will lead us to progress."


"Cheerful New Years 2020, companion. These dissipating firecrackers are a quiet observer of our kinship during the current year. Ideally one year from now, every one of our expectations and goals will be nearer to the real world. Aamiin. "


"Today around evening time, the temperature is so cool, I let go of all the fretful nervousness this year, I won't carry it to another page tomorrow first thing. All that remaining parts is the expectation and record of dreams that have not been accomplished. Glad New Year to all. "


Truisms Happy New Year

Stroll forward, don't lament what occurred. Trust me, what closes there is all that you yearn for. Congrats to bring trust in the new year. "


"We don't have the foggiest idea where the breeze will take the ship, however we can control the ship with the assistance of the breeze. Be a perfect chief for a decent future. Cheerful new year 2020. "


"The best prize on the outside of the year is the readiness to discharge the disappointment of the earlier year. Try not to incorporate it, and make a progression of new plans to be tried alongside the light of the street that will be taken for the current year. "


"The adventure is still long, the last line is still far away. Try not to stop here on account of a disappointment. Make it an exercise not to rehash it since the start of this current year. Keep the soul confronting 2020. "


"Behind the rapture of New Year's Eve, don't simply make it as a gathering, yet contrast it and every single new focus on that are all the more testing, and face everything, good karma and prevail with regards to accomplishing your objectives".


"Try not to surrender effectively. There is in every case new expectation when the sun ascends, at sunset to muffle the imperiled expectations. Good karma again and continue attempting. Cheerful New Years. "


"How about we step forward with an intense eagerness and progressively decided assurance, in starting another and significant year."


"Not the new year is the most significant, however the energy to make improves, and cover profound every one of the disappointments that have debilitated."


"Be a light in the dimness, be a quiet when things are seething, be a motivation when the longing for trust is coming up short. Cheerful New Year 2020. "


"How about we implore, care for one another, bolster one another, pass on our wants, and keep on grinning in respecting the new year."


English New Year Congratulations and Meaning

"One more year, another motivation to celebrate. Wishing you a glad New Year. " (New year, new motivation to celebrate. Upbeat new year).


"I am happy to respect the New Year, one more year to be with you".

(I am glad to respect the New Year, one more year with you).


"Give us a chance to praise the New Year, one more year we are on the whole together. May God give you harmony, wellbeing and bliss ".

(How about we commend the new year, one more year we are as one. May God give you harmony, wellbeing, and satisfaction.)


" A new beginning is a snapshot of expectation and incredible desire. May you start this year with incalculable happiness and plenitude of God's support.

(The fresh start is a period of incredible expectations and wants. May you start this year with vast satisfaction and bounty of God's blessings.)


"Expectation this New Year accompanies a positive change in your life and satisfies every one of your aspirations. Wish you the best of wellbeing and success ".

(May this new year accompany positive changes throughout your life and satisfy every one of your desire. May you generally be sound and prosperous).


"I ask this New Year will bring you new euphoria, new expectation, new quality, new soul and new accomplishments".

(I ask this new year gives you new joy, new expectation, new quality, new eagerness, and new accomplishments).


"The New Year has shown up, may your feelings of dread blur away, your quality develop and your fantasies work out. Cheerful New Year ".

(New year has shown up, may your feelings of dread blur, your quality develops and your fantasies materialize. Upbeat new year).


"Before this year closes, I need to thank you for each integrity you've acquired my life. Have a merry new year ".

(Before this year is finished, I need to thank you for each generosity that you have brought into my life. Ideally your new year is brimming with joy).


"Cheerful new year! May this year brings new trusts in us.

(Glad new year! Ideally this year brings new trust in us).


"Today is the primary clear page of a 365 page book. Compose a decent one. Cheerful New Year! "

(Today is the main clear page of the book with 365 pages. Compose a decent one. Cheerful New Year!).


New Year Congratulations

"Much obliged to you for your significant discourse rooftop. Your expectations and supplications are regular until we as a whole gotten effective. Glad new year too for you ".


"Cheerful New Year additionally to you, ideally we both accomplish what has been longed for up until this point, I am with my expectations, you with your wants on this new leaf".


"By and by I give you a major bless your heart. Ideally in this new year, we can both understand the concealed wants, and become better people later on ".


"We should go together with the expectation that we can grasp, help and bolster each other, in making the best history in our lives".


Cheerful New Year 2020 is likewise for you, companion. Ideally your deepest desires can likewise be understood for the current year, and what is longed for rapidly turns into the ideal reality. Aamiin ".

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